September 12 - 15  plus optional Raptor session on Sept. 11th

Please Send me more information!  Sorry - 2009 trip has been filled.

Join me in British Columbia in September for an amazing  adventure to photograph feeding grizzly bears, black bears, orcas, humpback whales, eagles, and more!

We will be staying in a private lodge, flown in by float-plane.  BUT YOU NEED TO RESERVE NOW!  There are 2 positions which just opened up, but I expect them to fill fast. 


Dates:  Sept. 12 - 15 plus optional side trips from Victoria beginning Sept. 10th
 Only $1675 (USD).

Price includes:

       Float plane trip to the Lodge
       All guided trips for bears and whales

       All meals at the lodge

       Hotel stay on final day

Not included: Tips, airfare to Vancouver and Campbell River.

I have arranged a side trip on Sept. 11th at Duncan to photograph raptors at a raptor rehab center. The cost will be around $20 USD.

The lodge only accompanies 10 people - there are 5 bedrooms  and 3 full service bathrooms.  This year the chance of seeing feeding grizzly bears - 100%, black bears - 100%, humpback whales - 96%, orcas - 95%.  This trip is better for bears than Alaska and at a fraction of the price!

DAY 1 -

Leave late afternoon in your float plane. Enjoy the view of the Coast Mountains, channels and fjords as they pass below. Land at the Lodge in the center of the wilderness area. Get settled in, meet your guide, relax, set out on a short local trip to view Black Bear feeding on the beach. Return to the lodge and enjoy a delicious dinner and learn some background on the wildlife of the area. Off to bed.

 DAY 2 -

Rise early. Coffee and breakfast and into your boat. You are off to the strait, the summering grounds of the Orca [Killer Whale]. Cruise the area observing pods of these magnificent mammals and with a little luck you'll get to see their cousins, the Minke and Humpback Whales. Another day of diving Bald Eagles, Sea Lions, Seals, Black Bears and the magnificent White-Sided Dolphins. After a beach lunch or boat picnic there is more exploring, wildlife viewing/photography, and, if you're inclined, some fishing.

 DAY 3 -

Rise early. After coffee and breakfast you are off to your boat with your guide. Travel the shores of the Inlet, a spectacular scenic fjord, to a Cove where you ride our "Grizzly Bus" [after Aug 26 only] up to the salmon spawning channel. Here you can photograph huge Grizzly Bears as they feed on these fish using dives, scoops and plunges to trap their prey. Observe two hours from our viewing stand and then back to the boat for lunch and more Grizzly Bear viewing at the estuary. Trips before August 26 view the grizzly bears interacting and feeding in the estuary and on the beaches near the river.

 Day # 4 -

Rise early (OK, now it is a given!).

After breakfast we take you to our wild river by safari boat. View Black Bear, Seals, and perhaps a school of playing White-Sided Dolphins on the way. Meet one of our river guides, Trapper Rick or his assistant Art, and drive/ride an ATV to the spawning area of the river. View grizzly and Black Bears and Bald Eagles while watching the schools of salmon preparing for spawning. If you wish, fish off the bank for the salmon or trout. Cruise back to the Lodge to meet your late afternoon plane back to civilization

 Remember the price includes your meals, the rooms at the lodge and the seaplane in and out of the area.  The workshop is limited to 10 people (counting Carolyn and myself).  PLEASE NOTE! - the lodge accommodates 10 guests at a time, but there are only five bedrooms (twin or double beds) and three all service bathrooms.   There is no electricity in the lodge, but they turn on a generator in the evening for everyone to charge batteries.

 The lodge will supply you with sufficient equipment. Boots, Suits, Rain Gear, Cooler Boxes are available at our lodge when needed.  If you wish to fish, rods and lures will be provided.  If you are interested in fishing, let me know as I believe a fishing license is required.

 There is also a hot tub at the lodge!!

Note that I plan to arrive in Vancouver a day or two early and rent a car to drive to Campbell River (it is about a 4-5 hour drive including the ferry ride).  I may also drive back as there are many parks and beautiful scenery all along the road.  If enough people would like to join me, we can share a ride.  There is also two local air services to Campbell River and is a short 45 minute flight.


Coming up...

March/April 2010 - Visit and photograph remote indigenous villages in Costa Rica -  Final pricing and dates TBD.