2011 August 4 - 11 - Photo Tour of Mongolia with Meli Seval

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Join me and Meli on a Photo Tour of exotic Mongolia!

This is a trip that Meli has been running for two decades.


Dates:  Aug 4 - 11 plus optional side trip to visit the wild horses - Only $4512 (side trip - $550 extra)

Price includes:

  • 5 nights stay in a 4-star Eidelweiss hotel in Ulaanbaatar
  • Daily meals in choice fine restaurants in Ulaanbaatar
  • 8 nights in accommodation in gers In Gobi, Altai and Huvsgul with fullboard
  • All sightseeing as per itinerary and transfers
  • Entrance fees including museums, national parks and concert
  • Private deluxe coach transport in Ulaanbaataar
  • Russian made 4WD UAZ Purgon mini van in Gobi, Altai and Huvsgul
  • English speaking guide service throughout the journey
  • Domestic return flight to Dalanzadgad, center of South Gobi
  • Domestic return flight to Murun, center of Huvsgul province
  • Domestic one way flight to Ulgii town
  • Domestic one way flight from Khovd town
  • Horse Back riding at the lake
  • The tips at the hotel and restaurants
  • Boat Ride

Not included:
Tips and International airfare

Day 01 Ulaan Baator - arrival
You will be picked up from the airport with MELITOUR SIGN. The tour members will be arriving today from different destinations. We will meet in the the lobby of the hotel at 04:30 PM for a group meeting.

Day 02
Fly to GOBI 11:15 flight 1.5 hour flight Dalanzadgad Air port/ half an hour drive to the Camp. Check in the camp. After Lunch drive 1.5 hours to Eagle Valley of Yolyn Am Valley . A small natural history museum and the shops of the desert people .2 our walk into the depths of the valley. We will be surrounded with the animals of the valley. Whistling mice busy visiting each others holes in the ground, wild goats at the peaks of the hills. Eagles flying above the sheep herds looking for a feast. the shepherds of the valley let you know that you are not just in any beautiful gorge in the world but in Mongolia. Back to the camp at Tovshin. Enjoy sitting around the camp fire listening to the stories of Gobi.

Day 03 Gobi desert Bayanzag - The Flaming Cliffs
After an early breakfast leave the camp at 07:30 for a long pleasant day at the GOBI desert. Our destination is not as important as what we feel and see in the endlessness of this vast Desert. We will stop at the Sand Dunes and the red sandstone cliffs at the canyon of Bayanzag where the fossil bed of dinosaur bones discovered in the beginning of the 20th Century. Drive to "the only forest" of midget trees for picnic lunch. Visit Gers and families on route. We will see lots of free roaming Camels. If we are lucky we will see Gazelles. Camel Herders Family. Camel Back riding. One of the best ways to experience the Gobi is from the back of a camel. They are very easy to ride. Today we will also see herds of yaks. Back to the same camp. Showers are available. The temperature at the desert will be cool in the morning and in the late afternoon - in mid day it can get to will be around 80–90 Degrees F.

Day 04
At 11 am From Dalanzadgad fly back to Ulaan Baator. Arrive in Ulaan Baator in time for lunch. Mongolian Artists have excellent talent for paper cutting. We will meet several artists at at the Children's Park to find more about this craft. sitting comfortable on the grass in the shade of huge linden trees we will cut our own little magic forms out of black paper trying to understand the tricks of this very old Mongolia art. Later in the afternoon a sculptor will have us at his work shop to show us the traditional forms of ceramic use for the Budhist temples. Afternoon Paper Cutter Artist and Ceramic Sculptor. Overnight in Ulaan Batoor.

Day 05
08:00 am flight out of Ulaan Baator to Olgii on the Altay Moutains. This is a 3 hour flight with one stop for fueling in the middle. Bayan Olgii nestles among the towering snow-capped peaks of the Altay mountains. The population consists of mainly Turkish Kazaks. Meli (our guide) speaks their language. Besides natural beauty, the archaeological sites offer incredible unique evidence of the past: the deer-stones, balbal (the Turkish Stone figures) and petrogliphs. But the most impressive memory of the day will be meeting the EAGLE HUNTERS. This is the most beautiful camp they have in Mongolia from our experiences of the camps. The only camp where the shower room has a little sauna built into it.

Day 06
120 Km jeep drive to Khovd . In Mongolia this distance will normally take 4-5 hours. With our interest in photography and the wealth of its photo ops with the nomads and mountains and the aerchaeological sites, we will be on the road the whole day. Khovd has a varied demographic structure with different ethnic groups of the Mongolians. Overnight at ger camp which has the best cook for excellent meals. Showers are available but not too reliable.

Day 07 Khoved
Free time in the morning for people to catch up with their journal in this spectacular land. Early lunch at 11;45. Leave the camp for Khovd city 20 minutes away from the Camp we are staying at. This town has an interesting "Black Market" that serves all the nomads in the vicinity of several hundred miles. Visit the market for excellent shots of work a day in Mongolia. In the afternoon visit local museum and the Budhist temple which stays open only for few hours a day. Visit the families. Overnight at the same Camp.

Day 08 Khoved
Drive 60 miles to the largest Cave of Mongolia to see remains of Paleolithic Tsenkheriin Agui caves. Similar Caves in other parts of the world (France) are not accessible for preservation concerns. So this will be a very rare opportunity to look into the lives of the oldest peoples of our planet. On the way back to Khovd we will be at the western shore of the lake KHAR us Nuur Lake. (Black Water Lake) Pelicans bird watching…
Overnight at the same camp.

Day 09 Ulaan Baator
Fly back to Ulaan Baator at 08:30 AM. Arrive the capital at lunch time. The lunch will be at the hotel. Generally this afternoon is the time when every one catches up with laundry and a short visit to the department store for changing money or visiting the 5th floor which has excellent souvenirs.
Some groups like to take the opportunity of visiting a FOOT REFLEXOLOGY place to get ready for the next part of our tour. Manicure and pedicure has been popular among the female tour members as well. Dinner at a very popular restaurant. Overnight at Edelweiss hotel.

Day 10 Ulaan Baator
We will start the day after breakfast with a visit to the largest Monastery of Ulaan Baator which survived the Communist destruction. Gundan Monastery. After lunch we will visit the school for contortionists and learn about what it means to the Mongolian Families to have their little sons and daughters learn how to have full command over their bodies- bones and muscles. some tour memers take time in the afternoon to go shopping or more museum or art gallery hopping. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 11 Khuvs Gul
Fly to Murun 1.5 hours flight from Ulaan Baator. Deepest Lake in Mongolai with 90 Rivers flow into it. Only one river goes out: crystal clear waters make fishing very much fun we will be able to see the fish we catch. If we are lucky we might be able to eat the fish we catch. 4-5 hours Drive to the ger camp by the lake. There are hot showers and Sauna. We will enjoy the nature in strict nature reserve around the lake while we are driving to see the caves paintings on the west shore of the lake Hiking around the lake, horse back riding or boat ride will be offered as activities.

Day 12 Khuvs Gul
More of untouched nature of Mongolia. Bird watching by the lake . We will get a chance to visit the Shamans today. Overnight at the same camp.

Day 13 2008
Drive to Saridag to see the animals under protection. Fly back to Ulaan Baator at around 1.00 pm. Arrive in Ulaan Baator Late afternoon. Farewell dinner.

Day 14 Ulaan Baator
The tour will be over. Transfer to the Air port is included.

Add on Optional Tour to visit the Przewalsi wild horses - the world's last remaining truley wild horses!

Day 1 - Tues Aug. 2nd
Drive to Karakorum situated 385 kms to the west from Ulaanbaatar. Have picnic lunch on the way. After arriving in Karakorum late afternoon, visit the nomadic family and experience nomadic culture and hospitality. Dinner and overnight in gers, Mongolian traditional dwellings.

Day 2 Wed Aug 3rd
After breakfast check out from tourist camp and have a morning visit to Erdenezuu, the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Transfer to Bayangobi area, which is 2 hours drive from Karakorum to the direction of Ulaanbaatar, where you will have lunch in one of the ger camps. After lunch enjoy short sightseeing at Bayangobi sand dunes and Hugnukhaan mountain. Continue driving to Hustain Nuruu natural reserve. Overnight in ger camp at the reserve, where Przewalsi horses – the last true wild horse of the world are being raised in semi-wilderness.

Day 3 Thurs Aug 4th
After having breakfast at the ger camp, transfer to the sight where the wild horse are grazing to observe and take photos. Come back for the camp for lunch and enjoy a watching a documentary about the flora and fauna of the natural reserve. After lunch leave the natural reserve arrive in Ulaanbaatar after 2 hours drive.


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