Over the past couple of decades I have been fortunate to travel to and photograph many locations around the world. I've been to China, Tibet, Africa, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Peru, Ecuador, Jamaica, Belize, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and many more. Every time I return people comment that they wish they could tag along. Well, now you can!

Based on my own travel experiences and contacts that I have made, I am now arranging Photo workshops that are reasonably priced and hopefully just a bit different! I try to create trips that deviate from the beaten path and give you more opportunities to bring home prize winning photographs. I will also work with each participant on photo techniques and often bring a video projector with me to share Photoshop tips and techniques in the evening sessions. In order to give as much personal attention as possible and to give everyone a chance at capturing great images, I keep the group sizes nice and small - usually a maximum of 10 photographers.

Bookmark my site to keep an eye on current and upcoming workshops, or click on CONTACT to add yourself to my Workshop Newsletter.  If there is a location you would really like to see included, let me know! I will also include current listings on other workshops here that I recommend and have either attended myself, or know the presenters personally.

I am also excited to be conducting and organizing workshops for Les Vorhees and Jason Hahn of Outdoor Photo Workshops.

___________________ UPCOMING WORKSHOPS

November 2010 Into the Everglades - OPW Outdoor Photo Workshop conducted by Jason Hahn.  Go to places few visitors see in the Everglades!  Hiking, Kayaking and by Skiff!  3 Day workshop.

March 12, 2011 - Costa Rica Coast to Coast! First International workshop I arranged for Outdoor Photo Workshops - special pricing for this first workshop - don't miss it!

August 1, 2011 - MONGOLIA!  Join me on an exciting adventure to visit the exotic lands of Mongolia!  Led by Meli Seval who led my photo tour to Turkey. CONTACT me for more information!

September 12, 2009 - Bears, Whales and Eagles in Western Canada!  This is a rare opportunity to get a great 5 day trip to western Canada in British Columbia to photograph Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Eagles, Orcas, Humpback whales, Minke whales, white-sided dolphin and more!  Private lodge - group limited to ten photographers - MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW IF YOU WISH TO GO -
CONTACT me for more information. All positions filled - sorry!

March 19, 2010 - Costa Rica Indigenous village photo  tour.  This is your chance to spend 10 days in Costa Rica visiting remote indigenous villages, meet the people and photograph their quickly vanishing way of life, not to mention the incredible wildlife.   All positions filled - sorry!

2008 Costa Rica - March 29 - April 10. Coast to coast only $2300 for 13 days in this beautiful country.  Sorry you missed this one!  Gallery of images coming soon!  All positions filled - sorry!

2008 Banos, Ecuador Workshop - August 23 - August 30 2008.  Rare opportunity to photograph rarely seen and endangered Amazon wildlife. Only $2100 for the 7 day workshop in Ecuador. Price includes roundtrip airfare from Miami, accommodations and internal transportation. Click heading for more trip details.      All positions filled - sorry!                            
Fantastic trip - thanks to all who joined us!!!  Gallery and video coming soon!

April 1st 2009 - Turkey
- this trip will be guided by Meli Seval (from the PBS series Rick Steves Travels in Europe). This two week trip will feature many villages and sites throughout Turkey. The workshop price will be around $2900 including internal travel, meals, and lodging. 
 All positions filled - sorry! 

For Meli's site - CLICK HERE!  If you contact  Meli  directly, be sure to let her know you are inquiring about the 2009 April trip with Jim Caldwell!

Feb/March 2010 - Costa Rica
indigenous native villages. Meet and photograph native peoples and villages in Costa Rica. Trip will be guided by a native Costa Rican who is related to the Cebacar people and guided my 2008 workshop. Write me if you are interested in this trip!    
All positions filled - sorry! 

2012 - Possible Workshop to Tanzania, Africa - more details coming soon! 
Also looking into Workshops in Ecuador and Peru - more to come!
CONTACT me for more information.

Comments from Previous workshops

"My trip with Jim Caldwell to Costa Rica was one of the best trips I've ever taken. He had everything lined up with our guide ahead of time. He also kept in touch with us before the trip to advise us of what to expect, information about Costa Rica, and information about our tour. I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone."

- Robin W

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity to make the trip to Costa Rica with you and the group this past March.  The eleven days we spent touring this beautiful country left me in awe.  From the time we arrived in Costa Rica until the time we left, I was not only amazed at the professionalism of our guide, Jorge and our driver, Gerardo but of their ability to pick out a bird, porcupine, or sloth in the dense trees.  In addition, once seen, they would stop to allow us to take pictures or just look at what they had seen. Jorge was a walking encyclopedia of his country, the people and the flora and fauna of the land. 

Hopefully I will be able to accompany you soon to another destination for learning, photography, and just plain fun.  I can’t thank you enough for one of the most memorable vacations I have ever had.

Happy shooting (in a photographic way) !"
Brenda B

"Hey Jim--Just want to thank you for a fantastic photo excursion down to Costa Rica.  Thanks for all the pre-planning, it was near perfect.  Rachel and I really enjoyed the small group and we got some great images.  Looking forward to Ecuador, we really appreciated the help.  Regards, Mac & Rachel"

ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDED WORKSHOPS - James and Blake Shadle have been friends of mine for a couple of years now and I highly recommend James' workshops. This guy knows Florida and is an excellent instructor. James' workshops are recommended and promoted by Art Morris, so you know he has to be good! - I attended Jason's Wolf workshop early this year and had a fantastic time and really got some awesome images. Jason also does one on one workshops and frequently works with Les Vorhis. - Operated by Keith and Rebecca Snell. I'm about to take one of Keith's workshops at Evans mountain outside of Denver Colorado. Typically, I don't put in a recommendation until I have actually attended a workshop, but the communication that I have with Keith has been so great, that I'm making an exception and recommend you check out his site.

MISC PHOTO LINKS - Many of the folks you will find in the links on this page are active on this amazing site, including Arthur Morris, James Shadle, Robert O'Toole, Jim Neiger, and many others. Rarely does a photographer have access to so many talented photographers. Highly recommended! - Though not actually a workshop, I met the President of the Carolina Nature Photographers Association and I just have to recommend them! The membership is only $35 a year and includes a magazine as well as full access to the website.


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